About me

It’s so lovely that you find your way here! Let me introduce myself:

My name is Nina. I’m a 23-year-old woman from Finland. I live with my husband and our dog. I’m originally from southwestern Finland, but now I’m living in Helsinki. I’m a very sensitive person and I also think a lot. I love nature and flowers which might not be a surprise if you have already seen my paintings. 

Favorites and inspiration:

My favorite flowers are peonies and roses. They both remind me of my childhood. Especially very light pink peonies bring up some memories. My childhood wasn’t the easiest many times, but I want to think about the positive things that were there and flowers were one of the best things. Who doesn’t get even a little bit happier when seeing flowers or smelling them?

When did I start my watercolor journey:

I started my watercolor journey in 2019. So yes, not a long time ago.

More facts:

I must say that I would lie if I say that I never liked to draw or paint in my life before. I did like those things when I was in school. The real problem was, that I didn’t have the patience to practice my skills. I had no clue how good I could get just by practicing. I also encourage you to practice and find out your skills. They are there, but you are the one who needs to pick them up, so they can shine!

Everything you want to learn is about practicing. Not just techniques, but also how you view things. When you’re painting, pay attention to those little details, colors and how they change, shadows, etc.

I also personally find huge inspiration from music. It can lead me to create art that looks nice to my eyes. I also love to create videos and the music has a huge part while I’m creating them.

So, there are some facts about me!

If you are interested to purchase art from me, I recommend you to click the shop section at the beginning of my site. 

xx Nina 

Watercolor With Nina